Pinch Me specializes in “Pinch Me's” and “Tablas”.  


Authentic and conceptual dining based on conviviality and the sharing of fine cuisine. In Basque “Pintxos” means to grab, or even picking from a neighbor’s plate, we call them "Pinch Me's".


Following up on this idea, we create bite size "Pinch Me's".  The "Pinch Me's" are servings ready for subject to attack!  Also, following that concept, we serve "Tablas".  The Tablas are made of cured meats, cheeses, dried fruit, and much much more...... and plenty of bread. 


Table wine is presented along side the "Tablas" and "Pinch Me's".


"Pinch Me's" original concept and recipes will make the dishes unique.  


Authentic food restaurant providing a unique combination of outstanding food and drinks in a warm and inviting atmosphere.


Our wine list will represent wines from many diverse regions, and others comprised of small and traditional family-owned wineries throughout different regions from around the world. We will create a sophisticated space with a relaxed and warm feel, an old world ambiance with modern touches that transports you to Europe when you walk through our door.

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